الاثنين، 12 مارس 2012

returning to my blogg

Returning to my blogg after two years of not blogging i think i whole new person after two years of starting my blogg. I guess the person does not go to the river twice I do not remember who exctly said this quote but I guess it was aristotel. I think I have developed alot during those past two years may be i am less bitter and more emotionaly and mentaly stable. I am engaged to be married in less than two months to an amazing guy who loves me. I never thought that I will find someone to love me this much. I am so happy and I hope our life is always filled with understanding and love.

الجمعة، 23 أبريل 2010

Q & A on my personal status

Q: How old are you?
A: 28
Q: Are you married?
A: No
Q: Do you want to get married?
A: What’s in it for me?
Q: you get to cook everyday, do the laundry, wash the dishes, clean the house, bare a child for nine months, take care of the child, perform belly dancing upon request, take the permission of your husband before you go any where, continue working for the extra income but be back home by 3pm.

A: no, thank you: D I do not want to change my status on Facebook

الجمعة، 9 أبريل 2010

My Egyptian Streets Diaries

After five years of taking one hour to reach work, after getting back ache, occasional cramps from the permanent stops driving in the unbelievably crowded Egyptian streets.
Fighting with all the garages in the area of garden city, paying more than a government employee monthly salary just to park my car, besides having my car driven by anyone in the street to find a parking, getting parking tickets, and paying minimum 10 LE daily on parking.
I took the bold decision, not to take my car to work again. I discovered that whenever I am away from Cairo not driving my back gets better, my mood is much better. I am not as stressed out as always I am not so aggressive; I am more tolerant to everything and everyone.
I decided to go back to using the glories Egyptian transportations. At the beginning it was scary for me. I have been driving since I was eighteen this means almost ten years now.
The last time I took the metro I was 17 years old. I was afraid to let go of my car with my music and my center lock, keeping all the beggars and the bad sense of music away from me, in addition to keeping the famous Egyptian streets harassments away.

But a decision was made, in the beginning I decided that I will treat myself as a lady. That’s what I deserve of course. I deserve to have my own private driver. I deserve to take a taxi.
The question is which taxi? White? Black? Yellow?
White taxi with a fixed meter which is nice but expensive.
Black with no meter, but with a big chance of having a fight and being called names if the driver was not satisfied with the faire, which is normally the case in general and with female passengers in particular.
Yellow is the one that you call to arrange to pick you up and usually you will be put on the waiting list.
So I made my mind, I am taking the white taxi. It was ok for a while but then I realized that I am still stressed. I still get to work after an hour. I usually hate the way the driver drives and would rather be in charge. I hate the bad music and being forced to listen to Quran when I just want to read the newspaper.

Another bold decision was taken; I will take a taxi to the metro station then continue by metro.
I tried it for a while it was ok but still I paid 5 LE for couple of meters I was not the lady but I was not paying too much, still I felt that I can do better than that.

Gradually I decided to walk to the Giza metro station.
Now I get dressed according to the Egyptian street codes nothing too tights nothing too open. Wearing long sleeves and the whole conservative package you name it wide pans and the whole nine yards.

Nevertheless our beloved new generations, highschool kids who I am older than by minimum 15 years can not get enough from their creative comments and words to me.
As any Egyptian female I act as if they are speaking in Chinese so I do not have 1200 fights before I go to work which will defy the initial purpose of abandoning my nice air-conditioned car.
By time, I discovered by time my new and worst enemy which was not the harassment in the street which became like my own personal pet. Sometimes I would think if there have been new harassment terminologies or its same old same old word “batal” which mean “champion” or “Asad” which means “lion” this one I particularly like because lio is my sign. Or the religious ones like “How dare you walk in the street wearing that”

Going back to my real enemy which is not time that’s the eternal enemy.I am speaking about the ancient holy habit of spiting in the street. That’s my real nightmare. I feel that I am in horror movie and that I am going to walk into the slim of Egyptian spit,it is following e wherever I go, on the pavement under the pavement.
OH No, I can hear one of them making that horrible sound getting ready to spit. I want to do anything not to hear it. I want to vomit , how disgusting and irritating.
Nooooooo,I can not take it, I want people to stop spitting in the street but I do not know how to stop them? I do not know what to do?
Start a campaign against spiting on facebook? Advocate for putting spiting on the Human Rights Watch agenda as one of Human Rights violations? Assassinating anyone who spits in the street?

If you know the answer please write me, e-mail me, send me an sms , call me.

To be continued…………………………

Egyptian Citizen

الأحد، 10 يناير 2010

الاهداف المرحلية في مواجهة الاهداف الازليه

دائما تواجهني مشكلة تفضيل الاهداف المرحلية عن الاهداف طويلة الاجل
افضل الخروج مع الاصدقاء عن المذاكرة
افضل التقديم على ورشة عمل عن التقديم لبرنامج للدكتوراه
افضل أن اصرف كل ما في جيبي بل و اكثر منه عن الادخار

النظرة الشاملة للحياة و ما نريد منها تدفعني ربما في الانغماس اكثر في الافة الازلية و هي اما التخطيط قصير الاجل او ربما عدم التخطيط مطلقا. ربما لقناعتي الشخصيه بتفاهة الحياة برمتها و ان" ماحدش واخد منها حاجه" أو لان هذا هو الطريق الاسهل و الاريح.

و لكنني قررت أن قف وقفة حاسمة مع الذات وأن أقيم الامور بصورة أكثر عقلانية و أن أحد من طبيعتي المندفعة الراغبة دائما في استكشاف كل ما هو جديد و انتهاز فرص التمتع و الانبساط.
غير أنني أعود و أفكر في عبثية الحياة و اعود لعدم أكتراثي للتنافس اللانهائي على المال و العيال و افكر مجددا في أن راحة البال لا ينافسها عندي اي شىء في الدنيا و للحديث بقية

الخميس، 7 يناير 2010

اول الغيث قطرة

لماذا قررت أن اكتب؟
ترددت كثيرا في الكتابه ليس لانني اترفع عن الكتابه و لكنني لم أكن اعلم ماذا اكتب و عن ماذا و لماذا احمل شبكة الانترنت و البشرية ما يدور في خلدي ربما من تافهات لا تستحق النشر أو القراءه.
ثم تعرفت على العديد من الاصدقاء المستخدمين الدوريين للبلوجيينج و استمتعت بما قراته على صفحاتهم فقررت أن أبدأ و الله ولي التوفيق.
ربما أكتب ما يستحق في يوم ما :)
سارة السيد
7 يناير 2010

نزيف العقول و نزيفي انا شخصيا

كلما سافر صديق لي لتلقى العلم بالخارج تجتاحني مشاعر متضاربة فاشعر بالسعادة له لأنه سيتثنى له العيش في مجتمع أكثر رحابة و تفتح بالإضافة إلي التعلم في نظام تعليمي محترم. إلا إنني بدأت اشعر بكم هائل من الإحباط حيث أن كل من استشعر تفوقه أو حتى تميزه العقلي و الفكري و ذلك بالطبع أصبح نادرا هذه الأيام يترك مصر و يتركني أنا أيضا.
طبعا يسعدني انه قد تم إنقاذ هؤلاء الأصدقاء من جو الإحباط و الفساد و التراخي الذي ينتشر في جميع مناحي الحياة في مصر.
و بالطبع بعد أن يحصلوا على أعلى الدرجات العلمية لا يرغب العديد منهم الرجوع إلي ارض العذاب الكنانة سابقا.
أتفهم كل هذا و احزن أيضا لي و لمصر لأننا نفقد أفضل العقول و الأصدقاء و المفكرين و أصبحت مؤخرا أفكر في أن الحق بالركب و أنقذ نفسي من الضياع المحقق الذي بالطبع سيطالني إذا بقيت في مصر.

ادعوا الله أن يأتي اليوم الذي أقول فيه لأحد أصدقائي قبل أن يسافر "متخليك قاعد البلد دي أحسن من غيرها " غير إنني اعلم أن هذا غير صحيح بالمرة و العكس تماما هو الحقيقة.
سارة السيد
7يناير 2010